OilKontrol stories, to raise awareness.

Do you want another round? the chips are on the house!

In a pub in Amsterdam enjoying some beers and chips after a tough children’s Rugby refereeing, with some of the dads who came to watch their kids play.

The agreement is to share the total bill between all of us, maybe not the best option for my personal finances, but I enjoy the fellowship and the fries with a beer.

We remember every single play as if we were on the pitch.

Three, four mmm…,


I don’t know how many beers later and a few chips (mine),

we started to recreate the plays remembered in the first round of beers, me always in the role of referee.

You can imagine!

my beloved fries were left swimming in a sea of beer.

The waiter with very long dreadlocks,

with a gentle smile tells us:

"Don't worry about a thing",


(he knows that a good tip is on its way) 


it is a simple beer spill,

it is not a chemical or oil spill....


With OilKontrol we won’t relieve you of worries, but we can minimize them considerably, with our Oil and Chemical Spill Early Response Kit.

If you couldn’t avoid the spill, you have to use the first few hours of the spill to your advantage.

I’m Andres Fellenberg Van der Molen

you know,  I’m a children’s rugby referee,

I like fries with a beer and 

I don’t like to pay for spilled beers because of 

other people’s bad decisions.


What about you, are you making good decisions in the event of a chemical or oil spill?